Johanna Wendell

  • BA in Psychology from West Virginia University
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

verified by Psychology Today

Johanna's goal as a mental health counselor is to help you achieve your goals and the life you desire and deserve. Johanna creates a comfortable, safe environment for you two to collaboratively work together to identify the root of the problem that is negatively impacting your life, which you may already know, (e.g., chronic depression, a painful trauma history, overwhelming anxiety, problems at home, a stressful work environment, etc) and how you and she can collaboratively work together to treat the problem, whether it be externally, internally, or in most cases both. She teaches techniques and strategies that are critical in treating particular concerns (e.g., coping techniques for anxiety) and helps you work through issues by identifying the root of the problem, what is maintaining the problem, and identifying feasible, do-able, effective ways to treat the problem that appeal to your strengths and preferences. She will consistently monitor your progress with regard to your goals and accordingly direct future sessions. She provides the utmost support, empathy, and care to help you get to where you want to be.

Johanna would never recommend something unless she had personally tried it and found it beneficial. She is a big proponent of "practice what you preach." Johanna can truly relate to you, as she has been on both sides of the therapy room-as the client and as the therapist. She views therapy as a way for us to solve our problems (which we all have) in the long-term, identify blind spots we have lived with our entire lives, change thoughts/behaviors that may have been negatively impacting us without our awareness for years, and help us recognize and enhance our strengths (e.g., increase work productivity, increase social skills). She has been where you may be right now-feeling like all hope is lost and that things could never possibly change or get better. A therapist changed Johanna's mind when he helped change her life, and Johanna has been dedicated to this field ever since.

Johanna knows that everyone can benefit from counseling, as we all can benefit from self-improvement, and counseling is simply deciding to take measures to improve ourselves, by enhancing our coping skills, strengths, work-life balance, relationships, holistic well-being and happiness. Through personal experience and seeing the lives of her clients dramatically improve, Johanna knows therapy is incredibly beneficial. She has had severely depressed clients who had lost all hope and contemplated suicide become some of the most positive, happy people she has ever met. Johanna had clients who suffered from severe anxiety disorders (OCD, panic disorder, social phobia) overcome their fears, which they never would have imagined possible. Johanna has helped clients overcome their eating disorders that they suffered with for many years, which nearly killed them. Johanna's desire is to have the opportunity to work with you and be a part of your life journey of self-improvement and witness the positive transformations that she knows will take place.