Johanna Wendell

  • BA in Psychology from West Virginia University
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

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Johanna received her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University. Over the past five years, she has worked at Grady Hospital, leading groups to individuals suffering from severe mental disorders, Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders, an outpatient eating disorder facility in which she provided individual as well as many different group therapies to clients suffering from eating and other related disorders, and Emory University's Counseling center, where she counseled undergraduate and graduate students with an array of mental health concerns. Johanna also worked at the Regents Center for Learning Disorders for two years, where under the supervision of licensed psychologists, she provided comprehensive neuro-psychological evaluations to college students, scored and interpreted results, wrote reports, held feedback sessions, and provided recommendations for accommodations. Johanna also worked at the Georgia State University Psychology Clinic for three years, providing long-term individual counseling services to members of the community.